Here you find the different facilities in NyHavn 2 Middelfart


Here you can read more about the facilities in NyHavn 2 Middelfart

NEW: Discounts nearby

As something brand new, we can now offer you discounts at places nearby. Just bring your receipt from NyHavn 2, to show, and get discounts on wine, food, health products and more. Just under here you find the list showing, where you can get discounts and how big the discount is.

(Wine) Vinspecialisten Middelfart: 10%
Østergade 7, 5500 Middelfart

(Cafe) Mauritz Middelfart: 10%
Nytorv 3, 5500 Middelfart

(Butcher) Slagteren på Odensevej: 10%
Odensevej 42, 5500 Middelfart

(Store) Helsam Middelfart: 10%
Østergade 12, 5500 Middelfart

Tøjeksperten Middelfart: 10%
Østergade 1, 5500 Middelfart


NyHavn 2 is classified as an A-Harbour, meaning, that boats can be in our harbour all year, ensuring that we can stay open all year.


Please use the container – we have them for the same reason.


In NyHavn2´s parking lot, autocampers are allowed to park. 10/11 autocampers can park in the first row to the sea (Lillebælt) but you are also allowed to park in more rows behind. Read more about the area for autocampers here.

Baths and WC

A wagon with fine bath and toilet facilities has been established until a building for the purpose is approved. The code is stated on the receipt when payment has been made. Hereafter you will have access to free baths and of course WC facilities.

Benzin og Diesel

Nearest option for fuel to boats is in Middelfart Marina.

Nearest gas station is in Søndergade 60 – 500 meters from NyHavn 2 in walking distance.

Boat equipment and spare parts

Vestfyns Marinecenter
Værkstedsvej 16B
5500 Middelfart
Tel: +45 64 41 03 45
Web: https://www.vmac.dk/

Bicycle rental

Nearest bicycle rental is at KulturØen next to Nyhavn2. Here you will find bikes from Donkey Replublic. The bikes are rented by downloading the associated app, Donkey Replublic, where you register the rent, pay, and can then unlock the bike.


It is permitted to grill at the harbor with your own brought grill.


There is a defibrillator at KulturØen, right next to NyHavn2, and at NyKredit in Havnegade 9.

Groceries / Shopping

Read more here


Read more here


There is electricity on all bridges. Consumption is included in the price. Power comes in the plug when the payment has been made.


There is access to drinking water on all bridges. Consumption is included in the price.


Wi-Fi is included in the price. Find the login information on your receipt.

Tourist office

The tourist office in Middelfart, VisitMiddelfart, is located at KulturØen next to NyHavn2.

Water depth

You can find an overview of water depth and space sizes here.

NyHavn 2 Middelfart – A great place to be at



Pia Pedersen +45 21 22 71 14
Bo Sørensen +45 29 44 53 56


NyHavn 2 Middelfart
Havnegade 4
5500 Middelfart



Pia Pedersen +45 21 22 71 14

Bo Sørensen +45 29 44 53 56


NyHavn 2 Middelfart
Havnegade 4
5500 Middelfart